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Wrongful Termination and the First Amendment - Rosenbaum Thompson

The First Amendment and Employment

By Rosenbaum & Thompson, PLLC |

Can You Be Fired for Voicing Your Opinion on Social Policy, Politics, or Religion? Citing the First Amendment as a defense for saying whatever you want, whenever you want, is a common occurrence in the United States. And for good reason – the First Amendment to the United States Constitution clearly states that there… Read More »

Wrongful Termination in Kentucky - Rosesnbaum Thompson

3 Things You Should Know About Wrongful Termination in Kentucky

By Rosenbaum & Thompson, PLLC |

Being fired, no matter the reason, is typically an unpleasant experience. But more than just uncomfortable and upsetting, being let go from your place of employment could even be illegal when the firing constitutes wrongful termination. Before you start building your case against your employer, or deciding that your firing was legal, consider these five things… Read More »

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