“Thank you again for the wonderful job you did on my case.  Your attentiveness keeping me up to date, taking the time to make sure I understood each step and all the aspects helped me understand the decisions to make.  If I need any legal advice again I hope I can call on you.  I wish you well.”

  • Former Client

Jason provided me with 5 years of patience to get our family the settlement that was warranted and deserved. He carried himself, the case, and his interactions with all parties with the utmost respect and decorum. I could not have chosen a better law firm. I recommend him for the most sensitive of issues and everything in between! Just give them a call!”

  • Former Injury Case Client

Words cannot begin to express how thankful I am Mr. Thompson represented me! After my accident, admittedly, I was a bit apprehensive to work with an attorney; however, working with Mr. Thompson eased all of my hesitations. He was very professional and diligent. He is an excellent communicator who kept my thoughts and concerns as a top priority. He answered every question I had and considered every possibility. Working with Mr. Thompson allowed me to focus on my recovery and getting back to my daily routine- I don’t know what I would have done without him! I would highly recommend him based on his proven high regard for work ethic and professionalism!

  • Former Client

Jason Thompson helped us with our case and worked diligently to achieve a good resolution in our case. He is a wonderful communicator, trustworthy and very responsive overall, genuinely cares about his clients . I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a personal injury attorney. I recommend him as a very knowledgeable and hard-working attorney that eager to win your case. I highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney in Lexington. Thanks Jason!”

  • Former Clients

Excellent representation and friendship. Mr. Rosenbaum and Mr. Thompson are both competent and expeditiously handled my wife’s injury case. Thank you.”

  • Former Workers’ Compensation Client

Joe Rosenbaum has been the best Workers Comp. Lawyer I have ever worked with. He is about YOU and YOUR HEALTH. He stayed with my case over a YEAR and fought tooth and nail for my care. I was very pleased with my out come and Joe was very aggressive but calm at my mediation hearing also. I will use his firm again if I have any issues down the road he is very good at what he does and I was even told by the A.L.J that I had one of the best out there. I would recommend him to my friends or family.”

  • Former Client

Jason Thompson helped me with my case and worked diligently to get the verdict that was acceptable to us. He is a wonderful communicator and genuinely cares about his clients. I am thankful God led us to him in our time of need. I would recommend him to anyone needing a hardworking attorney that is knowledgeable, hardworking and eager to win your case. Thanks Jason.

  • Former Client

Actual Case Results

Below are highlights of some of the judgments and settlements we have obtained for our clients in personal injury cases and employment law claims in Kentucky and federal courts. We have also achieved many favorable results in worker’s compensation cases. The results highlighted below are not a guarantee of similar results in your case, but are illustrative of some of the many successes our lawyers have achieved for our clients over the years. For help with a Lexington personal injury, workers’ compensation or employment law matter, contact Rosenbaum & Thompson at 859-259-1321 to discuss your potential claims.

Injury Cases:

  • $250,000.00 for negligence at VA Hospital
  • $150,000.00 for automobile negligence causing trauma to individual who had prior lumbar disc fusion surgery.
  • $140,000.00 for automobile negligence causing head injury with extensive neurological testing and follow up treatment.
  • $132,000.00 for motorcycle accident resulting in fractured hip.
  • $120,000.00 for automobile negligence
  • $117,000.00 for automobile negligence
  • $110,000.00 for trucking negligence where individual was rear-ended at high rate of speed leading to neck disc fusion surgery.
  • $100,000.00 Slip and Fall Settlement for failure to remove black ice resulting in fall and head and back injury.
  • $100,000.00 Slip and Fall Settlement for hand rails in violation of building codes causing broken leg and kneecap.
  • $90,000.00 slip and fall settlement for elevator mechanical problem resulting in uneven surface.
  • $87,500.00 for trucking negligence involving high rate of speed collision causing head injury.
  • $72,000.00 for auto negligence causing shoulder tear.
  • $63,000.00 in auto accident case causing a spinal compression fracture.
  • $63,000.00 in slip and fall case at drug store parking lot which was allegedly unevenly resurfaced.
  • $55,000.00 settlement for rear end auto collision.
  • $50,000.00 Judgment in slip and fall case at gas station bathroom.
  • $45,000.00 Settlement in slip and fall case arising out of a fall in a grocery store produce section.
  • $35,650.00 Settlement in slip and fall case alleging negligent repairs to exterior steps at apartment.
  • $32,500.00 for assault and battery resulting in facial injuries in which homeowners’ insurance policy was implicated.

Worker’s Compensation Settlement and Awards:

  • $294,401.46 Worker’s Compensation award for mid back construction injury.
  • $287,282.93 Worker’s Compensation award
  • $105,000.00 for workers’ compensation back injury caused by twisting working on a vehicle.
  • $95,000.00 Workers’ Compensation Settlement in case involving safety code violation.
  • $53,500.00 Workers’ Compensation Award for low back injury caused while bending down.
  • $37,278.04 for work-related injury to back unloading boxes.
  • $36,750.00 settlement for shoulder and back injury.
  • $30,000.00 workers’ compensation settlement for forklift injury
  • $27,500.00 workers’ compensation settlement for knee injury at retail store.
  • $24,000.00 settlement in case involving ankle fracture.
  • $20,000.00 settlement for herniated disc in individuals’ neck.

Employment Discrimination Cases

  • $125,000.00 for disability discrimination for failing to allow individual to return to work after shoulder injury and rotator cuff repair despite doctor’s release.
  • $105,000.00 for disability discrimination by continuing to use the individual’s expertise without similar compensation after multiple knee surgeries.
  • $100,000.00 for disability discrimination against individual with controlled epilepsy due to employer claiming individual was a safety risk.
  • $75,000.00 for preventing employee from returning to work after injury on the job.
  • $53,412.50 for Dodd-Frank retaliation by financial institution against whistlerblower for illegal loan practices.
  • $47,500.00 for disability discrimination against individual upon learning the employee suffered from a mental health condition.
  • $45,000.00 in FMLA case where employer was using improper forms to notify employee of leave resulting in employee’s termination.
  • $43,000.00 for FMLA interference for alleged failure to provide employee notice leave of absence was not approved.
  • $39,500.00 Settlement for age discrimination in termination.
  • $32,000.00 settlement for terminating employee after two weeks, upon learning of a prior injury.
  • $29,659.40 in disability discrimination claim by long time retail store worker.
  • $20,000.00 for retaliation against worker for pursuing a worker’s compensation claim in which employer began surveiling employee after he returned to work.

Other cases:

  • $34,570.71 for residential construction negligence

These are not all results obtained, only a sampling. This firm has assisted hundreds of clients with claims for damages big and small. Each case is different and our firm will investigate your case on principal if you have clearly been wronged. 

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