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Changes in Fair Pay and Equal Pay Laws

By Rosenbaum & Thompson, PLLC |

With recent changes in fair pay and equal pay laws it is so important for both employeees and small businesses to stay up to date.  One significant recent change in wage and hour law means many “salary” employees may either be suited for a promotion or eligible for overtime for the first time.  This change… Read More »

Systemic Discrimination

By Rosenbaum & Thompson, PLLC |

Asking an attorney about a discrimination claim can often result in a discussion about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which is sometimes charged with investigating such claims.  It is interesting to monitor which cases the EEOC tends to litigate to determine which acts of discrimination it believes are the most prevailing in the… Read More »

Opening our Law Practice

By Rosenbaum & Thompson, PLLC |

Rosenbaum and Thompson PLLC opened on January 1, 2016 practicing in personal injury, employment law, workers’ compensation cases and wills and estates.  We believe practicing in these areas is for the greatest benefit of our client since these areas often overlap.  For example an injury that occurred at work might also be the result… Read More »

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